Second rappel is amazing because
    it's close to the 20 meters waterfall!/p>


    Toboga is one of the unique moment
    that canyoning permit!

  • DIVE

    We will face a lot of dives
    in the natural pools during the canyon!


    Canyoning permit us to discover amazing
    wild and unique nature!


    We will discover all the natural pools
    with dives and toboggan in an emerald water!

  +39 333.68.98.146


  +39 333.68.98.146



  • Ideal for beginners
  • Presence of water all year round
  • What to bring: swimsuit, snack for the descent, bottled water of 500 ml and shoes (trekking, running) to be used in the canyon
  • Included: wetsuit, harness, helmet, if needed neoprene socks

Pitrisconi river is located in the heart of the Monte Nieddu massif in the San Teodoro slope. This is certainly one of the most fun torrential routes in Sardinia. Considering that the overall difficulty is on the PD (not very difficult) remains the ideal Canyoning for those who want to discover this world for the first time. Calm and never restless waters of Rio Pitrisconi make it perfect even for beginners looking for adrenaline and emotions. The only restrictions are clearly: do not suffer from vertigo, know how to swim and be in good physical shape.

All you need to bring with you will be a complete change of clothes, swimwear, snacks (packed), 500ml bottled water and shoes (trekking, running) to use in the canyon. Canyon of Pitrisconi was first reviewed and then made famous by Jose Aneris, in 2008 he wrote a first review, equipping some rappels. The last request was made in 2017 as part of the 'ProCanyon' project by AIC (Italian Association of Canyoning).

Data sheet

Once you reach the Pitrisconi stazzo in just 5 minutes you meet the riverbed and you are ready for the first small rappel of 5 meters that leads to a beautiful natural pool also 4 meters deep. Here you can make different dives in crystal clear water. After a few meters you will reach the hanging pool with a dip of 4 meters or a nice 3 meter toboggan that reaches the 20 meters rappel. This is the most vertical and adrenaline rope descent of the whole canyon! With a water flow of more than 200 liters it is advisable to use a small cableway to reach the lowering area.

Once you reach the base of the wonderful waterfall we continue our aquatic path that leads us to slide under a large boulder and reach an emerald natural swimming pool where we can make a 6 meter slide or a nice 5 meter dive. In a few minutes we meet the other spectacular rappel of 13 meters alongside a majestic waterfall. Once reached we can swim and reach the edge with a position that leads us to admire the 'Pitrioulu' pool in all its wild beauty.

During summer it is recommended this point to get out of the canyon again reaching the Stazzo Pitrisconi in about 30 minutes.

Continuing the canyon we can avoid a treacherous toboggan with a little climb, swimming in a small natural pool. From here the course of the river is more linear, there are no descent but only progression in riverbed. After about one kilometer we will reach the last natural pool through a 7-meter dive or a length of just as much length. After a few meters we reach the second point where you can exit from the canyon reaching Pitrisconi stazzo in 1 hour by a steep path that dominates the whole valley.

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