The peak reachs 828 meters and permit us to enjoy
    an amazing panoramic view over the massif and the seaside!


    Hiking in the massif allow you to discover
    the best panoramic view of river!


    Pitriolu is a pool with a sublim
    waterfall is possible to reach it also by trekking!


    Pala di Monti is a beautiful wacthtower with
    a unique panoramic view on the coastal line!

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The massif of Monte Nieddu offers two main trekking routes that allow you to discover amazing spots, waterfalls and natural pools. Below we will describe and make available the tracks for download, we want to share them with you!


1 - Ring trail of the Natural pools and Waterfalls of Pitrisconi (Green Path on the map)

Kilometers: 5.2 kilometers

Difference in height: 550 meters

Difficulty: EE (Expert Hiker)

Download track: click here


The ring route allows you to discover some waterfalls and natural swimming pools of great beauty. From the Pitrisconi stazzo we move in a southerly direction intersecting in a short time the bed of the river that we will gain. From here in a few meters we will find a natural pool on our right and shortly the great Pitrisconi waterfalls. Before the waterfall we can easily identify a steep path, our direction will be that.

After about 10 minutes of steep walk we will cross a nice tafone (grotto) of granite and we will begin the descent that will take us to the fork. From here begins the challenging descent that leads to the beautiful natural pool of Pitriolu with its waterfall. Maybe this is the most beautiful glimpse of Monte Nieddu. We recommend NOT using the ropes you will find on the right side of the waterfall! These are used by those who make canyoning to make emergency exits!

Once you have enjoyed the view and the refreshing waters of the pool we can go up the same path reaching the fork again but aiming this time towards the valley. From here the dirt path will become a large dirt road that we will take till the end. At the end of the road we will follow the path that we will find on our left and reaching the bed of the river. Here it is possible to take a swim in the other natural pool.

From here begins a steep climb that leads to the 'left bank' of Rio Pitrisconi and allows us to enjoy a unique view of all the natural pools. Following the path we will return to the Stazzo Pitrisconi again.


2 - Ring of Punta Casteddacciu and Punta Pala di Monti (Orange Trail on the map)

Kilometers: 6.6 kilometers

Difference in height: 560 meters

Difficulty: EE (Expert Hiker)

Download track: click here


The trail starts a few hundred meters before the Pitrisconi stazzo on the clear indication for Punta Casteddacciu (40.75385, 9.59153). From here begins a beautiful hike through the Mediterranean vegetation that takes us in about 35 minutes to the Punta overlooking the north slope of Monte Nieddu reaching the height of 828 meters. At the junction we quickly ascend towards Casteddacciu where the view reaches the sea of ​​Santa Lucia and San Teodoro and to the north the whole valley of Lerno and Padru.

Once back down, keep left at the fork to Pala di Monti. These are the other unmissable panoramic point that allows you to admire the whole coastline: Tavolara, Molara, the Gulf of Olbia, Brandinchi and Coda Cavallo. The panoramic view has a height of 615 meters. From here we can take the large dirt road that will take us back to our car.

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